Consulting a trained psychologist and EMDR therapist

Why shall I consult?

  • Taking control over your life
  • Stop making the same mistakes
  • Growing in health
  • Getting out of depression
  • Get rid of anxiety attacks
  • Overcome post-traumatic stress
  • Have peaceful relationships with others
  • Or may be just simply for the sake of personal development
consultation psy à ramatuelle

For adults and young adults (+17 years old)

Personal Development Counseling

  • You would like to know yourself better and/or improve your relationships,
  • You are facing life challenges,
  • You could need support, you have to deal with an illness, a disability.

Psychological Support

  • You have had a difficult life path, may have suffered trauma and feel the need to get your life back on track or to rebuild yourself,
  • You are going through or have just come out of, a turbulent period.

EMDR psychotherapy

You are suffering from embarrassing symptoms, diagnosed or not: Post-traumatic stress disorder, Single and multiple trauma, Acute stress, Dissociative disorders, Anxiety disorders, Panic attacks, Phobias, Reactive depressions, Pathological mourning, Burn-out, Addictions and complex traumas…

Children and Teenagers (from 0 to 17 years old)

Counseling and Parental Guidance:
Your child is in trouble, clowning around / withdrawing or raising questions through his/her behavior (sleeping, eating, opposition, fears…). It could be time to look for some external advice.



EMDR psychotherapy for children or adolescents

  • Your child is experiencing difficulties, has suffered traumatic events,
  • has behavioral problems, suffers from anxiety attacks or phobias,
  • is “absent or dissociated”,
  • experiences phases of hospitalization.



Psychological assessment for children between 6 and 12 years old

  • A class jump or repetition is considered,
  • your child does not seem to need to work or on the contrary is excessively stressed about school work.

A psychological assessment can help to see a little more clearly about his intellectual and affective functioning (tests and interviews).

Group Clinic

The group is both a melting pot and a growth accelerator. Its alchemy allows us to take care of ourselves and to experience a sharing of humanity that helps us finding our rightful place.

Personal development

  • Artistic – Graphic mediation
  • Psychodrama, sociodrama and role play
  • Themed discussion groups: e.g. Parents of multicultural families…

Crisis situations

Especially during disasters whether natural, accidental or caused by man: typhoon, plane crash, forced exile, attacks, etc.

I can intervene with the Action EMDR Trauma association, or with the Psychologues du Monde association, which offer free help.

Social bond therapy

We invite you to consult the Counseling tab for more information.

Dealing with a recent event/unblocking a crisis situation

Have you just suffered a shock, a loss, an accident, a disaster, an attack and are struggling to find the path to recovery?

Early EMDR intervention

  • This type of intervention makes it possible to attenuate the shock, absorb flashbacks and facilitate the starting of the natural healing process.
  • It can be carried out individually, with the whole family involved in the same event (accident, grief), or even in a group (refugees for example).

It does not exclude the need for more in-depth psychotherapy if the event has awakened previous wounds.

consultation psy adultes
consultation psy enfants
consultation psy groupes
consultation psy situation de crise
qu'est-ce que la psychothérapie EMDR

But what is EMDR psychotherapy?

Yes in EMDR we move our eyes but not only!

We can also use tapping, movements, you can also talk “a little” or even draw or even play… in short, anything that helps your brain to restart its natural healing process. The goal is to live better, feel happier and be freer in your choices.

Children are particularly receptive to EMDR as soon as they have felt the positive effect once. It goes faster for them: there are less layers of life on top!

Known for its speed, EMDR therapy is not, however, a brief therapy. We aim for substantive, positive and lasting change as quickly as possible and as slowly as necessary.


EMDR Therapy Session
Student rate and small budgets (see with the psychologist)
Basis 1h30120 €
1st consultation / Basic Psychologist Consultation Basis 1h0090 €
Child EMDR Therapy SessionBasis 1h0080 €
Personal Development SessionBasis 1h0080 €
Professional Development counselingBasis 1h30100 €
Youth Orientation GuidanceAll-inclusive400 €
Psychological Assessment - Child 6 – 15 years old All-inclusive400 €
Career counseling – following the French Act 1991 All-inclusive1300 €

NB: Any appointment not honored without having warned at least 24 hours in advance is due up to 60 € (operating expenses).