Coaching in company
and Skills Assessment

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My expertise in supporting career paths is rooted in 20 years of experience in HR firms, assessments centers and training organizations.

It allows me to intervene in the following domains:

  • Skills assessment
  • Outplacement
  • Management support (transformation of organizations)
  • Suffering at work
  • Crisis situations
  • Mediation
  • Practices analysis…
accompagnement en entreprise


bilan-de compétences - Mahina Schlubach

Career Assessment: Skills and motivations assessments for professional choices

Define your needs, Explore the possibilities, Build a strategy


Whether it is carried out on personal time or on working time, the Career Assessment is a stimulating adventure that will allow you to:

  • Take a step back from your professional situation, unblock it, relaunch it, or simply reinforce it,
  • Prepare for internal or external mobility, retraining if necessary,
  • Develop your self-confidence, enhance your strengths and your motivations,
  • Broaden your professional horizons, explore professions, sectors,
  • Take charge of your career and anticipate further development, secure your career path,
  • Give back meaning to your work.

Crisis management and mediation

When the members of a team who have to live or work together no longer succeed to do so, when clashes and/or sick leaves multiply and the words of harassment, violence and demotivation arise, an intervention to repair the social bond may become essential.

The objectives are then to:

  • Understand what happened
    • Part of institutional violence
    • Part of interactions and “story”
    • Part of personal inputs

In order to:

  • Restore trust, solidarity and mutual support
  • Recreate rites of belonging
  • Give a personal meaning to the job.


What method do I suggest?
Based on exercises and theoretical contributions, I help everyone and the whole group to develop, digest and transform the experienced deadlock to revive team spirit and positive collaboration.

gestion de crise et médiation