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GuideHAS - juin 2007

Long-term conditions guide: Long-term psychiatric conditions, Serious anxiety disorders.

Edited by the Haute Autorité de Santé (June 2007). Page 17: State of post-traumatic stress (former name of PTSD) as well as the often associated comorbidities (depression, risk of suicide, dependence on drugs or alcohol, etc.).

Guide OMS

Guidelines for the Management of Conditions Specifically Related to Stress.

Published by the World Health Organization (2013). See pages 37-39.

Rapport INSERM

INSERM report.

An Inserm report of June 2015 takes stock of the validation of the effectiveness of hypnosis and EMDR Evaluation of the effectiveness of the practice of hypnosis.

Useful links

By clicking on the buttons below, you can visit the sites of different National Associations.
EMDRIA and EMDR Europe ® offer many resources for practitioners.
The EMDR France Association website also allows you to consult the list of ACCREDITED practitioners (having therefore validated a complete training course) throughout France.
The site of the Belgian association allows you to find simple and clear explanations of the advantages of EMDR.
The website of the Dutch Association allows you to find EMDR explanation materials for adults and children translated into several languages, especially French.
For psychologists (clinician or work), psychotherapists, psychiatrists or psychiatric interns who would like to train in EMDR, I invite you to consult the site of the three EMDR training organizations recognized by the Association EMDR Europe ® and listed in alphabetical order: